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Protect in Style with 2010-2016 Toyota Prius Body Side Molding

What happens if you frequently use parking lots when making trips to the grocery store? Chances are, it won�t take very long before you begin to notice small dings, dents and imperfections affecting your paint job due to the frequent accidents with other car doors and shopping carts. Durable Toyota Prius body side molding creates a stopper that prevents objects from ramming into your Prius.

Everyone is unique and wishes to customize and personalize their ride to express their personal style. For this reason, we offer the popular Prius body trim in different styles, including the black body side molding and the chrome body side molding. You can even add a twist to this Prius aftermarket part when you select the body paint body side molding with chrome insert. No matter which style you decide on, all of them will make your Prius stand out with sleek stripes of protection down the sides of your ride.

Chrome Body Side Moldings - Toyota Prius (2010-2016 ) Body Side Molding - Chrome Insert - Toyota Prius (2010-2015) Body Side Moldings (Custom Painted) - Toyota Prius (2010-2015) Toyota OEM Lower Chrome Molding - Toyota Prius (2010-2015)
List Price: $195.75
Our Price: $145.00
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List Price: $228.15
Our Price: $169.00
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List Price: $174.83
Our Price: $129.50
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List Price: $249.75
Our Price: $185.00
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Chrome Body Side Moldings for Toyota Prius Prius Body Side Molding Prius Side Body Moldings Chrome Lower Body Molding for  Toyota Prius
Protect your Prius against door dings with chrome moldings. Many new car and truck models are coming out of the factory today with absolutely no protection against door dings, nicks and scratches. The solution to this problem is installing high-quality Side Body Chrome Moldings. No need to worry about door dings and scratches with an addition of a Prius Body Side Molding. If custom painted body side moldings aren't quite enough to fit your fancy, a chrome insert will certainly turn heads. With its protection and good looks, these chrome body side moldings won't disappoint. This kit is a full set, 1.25 inch wide chrome molding. Are you sick and tired of scratches and door dings? Help protect your Prius with these colored side moldings. These Body Side Moldings are made from PVC and extruded through quality engineered dies. All of our moldings are backed with 3M adhesive tape. Color-keyed and clear coated to match your Prius perfectly. Instructions and measurements are included with every set of moldings. This is a 4 piece set. These Lower Body Moldings for your Toyota Prius and Prius Plug-in feature a bright chrome-plated mirror finish, or an eye-catching chrome satin finish with a Prius logo.

Toyota OEM Door Edge Guards - Toyota Prius (2010-2015) Illuminated Door Sills (OEM) - Toyota Prius (2012-2015)
List Price: $133.65
Our Price: $99.00
You save $34.65!
List Price: $295.65
Our Price: $219.00
You save $76.65!

Toyota Prius Door Edge Guards Illuminated Door Sills for Toyota Prius
Help protect your Toyota Prius or Prius Plug-in vertical door edges from dings and paint chips with exclusive body color-matched Genuine Toyota Door Edge Guards. Light up your doors with a Illuminated Door Sills for the 2010-2015 Toyota Prius

Customized to Fit Your Prius

Purchase the finest Toyota Prius body side molding that has been manufactured to conform perfectly to the contours and shape of your Prius. Installation is fast and simple with the self-adhesive backed Prius body trim. Whether you plan on purchasing black body side molding or one of our options for chrome body side molding – you are in the right place to find premium Prius products for the lowest price.