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2010-2016 Prius Body Side Moldings

Body side moldings provide body trim protection and a finished look to a Toyota Hybrid. Installing side protective body molding is a fairly simple step of protecting a vehicle from external damages. Prius side trim moldings are available in any Toyota Prius Color. Enhance the appearance of your Prius and install car side moldings as a protective barrier against parking lot dents and dings.

Chrome Body Side Moldings - Toyota Prius (2010-2016 ) Body Side Moldings (Custom Painted) - Toyota Prius (2010-2015) Toyota OEM Lower Chrome Molding - Toyota Prius (2010-2015) Toyota OEM Door Edge Guards - Toyota Prius (2010-2015)
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Chrome Body Side Moldings for Toyota Prius Prius Side Body Moldings Chrome Lower Body Molding for  Toyota Prius Toyota Prius Door Edge Guards
Protect your Prius against door dings with chrome moldings. Many new car and truck models are coming out of the factory today with absolutely no protection against door dings, nicks and scratches. The solution to this problem is installing high-quality Side Body Chrome Moldings. Are you sick and tired of scratches and door dings? Help protect your Prius with these colored side moldings. These Body Side Moldings are made from PVC and extruded through quality engineered dies. All of our moldings are backed with 3M adhesive tape. Color-keyed and clear coated to match your Prius perfectly. Instructions and measurements are included with every set of moldings. This is a 4 piece set. These Lower Body Moldings for your Toyota Prius and Prius Plug-in feature a bright chrome-plated mirror finish, or an eye-catching chrome satin finish with a Prius logo.

Help protect your Toyota Prius or Prius Plug-in vertical door edges from dings and paint chips with exclusive body color-matched Genuine Toyota Door Edge Guards.
Uses of Prius Body Side Molding
The various uses of body side moldings are to absorb impact from unfriendly, adjacent car doors and a host of other door and fender destroying obstacles. Prevent most minor dings, paint-chips and body blemishes that can happen when someone opens their door and hit your Prius. Protect sides of the vehicle from scratches and dents.